Custom plastics manufacturing

Maple Grove Plastics is a community owned plastic manufacture company based in south west Manitoba. We manufacture a broad range of custom injection molded and vacuum formed products as well as mold making capabilities.

We are always open to new ideas and products, and would like to manufacture your product.


Our Products

Dustminimizer Home

Dust Minimizer

Designed to keep a pickup box with a camper or other cover, cleaner.
Rebar2 1

Rebar Chairs

Keep rebar where you want it!
We currently have 9 sizes available…
TL 2 Edit Scaled

Wire Retainers

New, simpler and easier way to run wires and plumbing lines and keep them in place.
Hog Feedsaver1 Home

Hog Equipment

Hot water heat pads and feedsaver

Toilet Sniffer

Durable ABS plastic designed for easy cleaning.
Screenomatic1 Home


Keep chaff and debris out of radiators and air intakes in severe operating conditions.
Custom2 Home

Have a custom project in mind?

We can do custom CNC machining and mould making.