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The Dust Minimizer is designed to keep a pickup box with a camper or other cover, cleaner.

A pickup with a top or cover, creates a vacuum in the box as it travels down roads and the dust that is created, is sucked into the bed through every hole and vent in it, which makes for a dusty mess. We have a kit that diverts the filtered air, from the cab heater and air conditioner, into the box: to pressurize it: thus preventing a negative pressure, keeping it cleaner. For best results, any holes in the box and the gap around the tailgate and covers have to be sealed off. The heater and or air-conditioner fan has to be set at medium speed or higher. Air conditioner should not be run at maximum air or re-circulation mode, as there is no pressure created in the cab. Windows in the cab and caps have to be closed.

The kit also helps keep anything that is hauled: warmer in winter, and cooler in summer.

The kit consists of a flexible seal for between the cab and box of the pickup, and a perforated grill to cover the hole cut in the box; and may contain a seal for around the tailgate, depending on application.

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With Dust Minimizer
Without Dust Minimizer

Without Dust Minimizer Installed

With Dust Minimizer Installed

Installation Instructions For GM 2019 newer models. 

(Installations are all virtually the same)

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